Be able to learn the basic TANTRA principles on how to live our daily lives in balance and harmony with, and in, our bodies.

Tantra Massage is the energetic and healing bodywork that will take you into the tantric dimension of your sexuality and spirituality.

Learn how to awaken  your true self, expand your consciousness and induce intense pleasure through Tantra Massage.  

  • We will redefine many of the basic Tantric principles 

  • How to aweken your sexual energy for your true self

  • Expand your consciousness

  • Think outside the box

  • Balance your own energy and harmonyzed with

  • Techniques of mystical nature of conscious touch 

  • Tantra Massage

  • Sacred intimacy.


By May Gonzalez

This workshop os designed to introduce you to the essence of Tantra and inensive format it´s spiritual practices and aplication to everyday in your life and relationship or if you want to follow the Tantric Path.

This workshop is open for singles, couples, and practitioners and will explore different Tantric aspects by embarking on a Sensitive Tantric trajectory.


You will learn in private or with your partner.

Day 1

Personal Coaching: Coaching to teach you about your sexuality;
Purpose and Growth: How I can grow with my sexuality;
Building your Temple: Creating the right environment and sacred space;

Fundamental Teaching: Selection of breathing and meditation techniques;
Undertanding the Feelings: How the body reacts to new sensations;
Physical Practice: Opening up to trust yourself; 

The training takes 14 hours in total, it is divided into 2 days - 4 hours blocks but can change.

Schedule for the 2 days is as follows:

Day 1: 9am to 12pm (Theory)  – 2pm to 6pm (Practice)

Day 2: 9am to 12pm (Theory)  – 2pm to 6pm (Theory) 

Certificate of participation.

A printed manual with a detailed description of techniques and principles of Tantra massage, including pictures.

Massage oils.

In the case of one-to-one training also the a model available to you.

Private room, shower, towels, candle…

Tantric Massage Session.


Day 1

Tantric principles.

Coaching to teach you about your sexuality.
How you can grow with your sexuality.
Creating the right environment and sacred space.

Selection of breathing and meditation techniques.
How the body reacts to new sensations.

Day 2 
The ritual of opening up to trust.

The sacred techniques to increase ecstasy and sequence to remove tension and nervousness.

Sacred domain for your most intimate relationships.

Genital reflexology.
Maps of ecstasy (Demonstration of Yoni Massage and Lin
gam Massage ((no practice!)).

Tantra full body massage. (No Genital Massage).


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