Tantra Massage is the energetic and healing bodywork that will take you into the tantric dimension of your sexuality and spirituality.

Learn how to awaken  your true self, expand your consciousness and induce intense pleasure through Tantra Massage.  


Day 1

Tantric principles.

Coaching to teach you about your sexuality.
How you can grow with your sexuality.
Creating the right environment and sacred space.

Selection of breathing and meditation techniques.
How the body reacts to new sensations.

Day 2 
The ritual of opening up to trust.

The sacred techniques to increase ecstasy and sequence to remove tension and nervousness.

Sacred domain for your most intimate relationships.

Genital reflexology.
Maps of ecstasy (Demonstration of Yoni Massage and Lin
gam Massage ((no practice!)).

Tantra full body massage. (No Genital Massage).

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Monday – Saturday
11:00 am – 8:00 pm

T: (+351) 930 523 722
Lisbon - Portugal
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