Tantric for couple

If you are a tantric couple ready to be initiated into the most beautiful, the most sensual, the most powerful erotic rituals your heart has ever longed for, then join Sensitive Tantric for an exclusive couples workshop where you will experience sexual magic others don't even dare to dream of.


This workshop is for couples who would like to dig deeper into intimacy through of Authentic Tantra. By getting an introduction into each of the tantric path – meditation and sexuality – you and your love will be taken on an exhilarating journey of tantric bliss. Through my rare theoretical knowledge, as well as practical and experiential exercises designed to infuse the couples mind, body and spirit the true Tantra will be revealed to you. Experience relationship as a spiritual path and grow together, explore the delights of relationship, heal together, open to unconditional love and pleasure, and learn the communication of compassion. After completing this intensive workshop, you will be able to unequivocally discern and distinguish Genuine Tantra and choose your direction on this vast spiritual path.

Theoretical Teachings

►Beauty in Tantra

►Tantric Meditation

►Tantric Relationships

►Authentic Tantra vs. Neo Tantra

►Tantra as a spiritual path

Practical experiences

►Powerful tantric meditations

►Sacred tantric ritual of Transfiguration

►Tantric sexual energy

► Lingam/Yoni Massage techniques

You and your partner are joining the True Love, Ritual & Eroticism workshop. New changes are coming. Right now, Both are learning new intimacy tools and tantric practices and tantra yoga practice, or maybe both are indulging in your newly learned sensual massage, or growning yourselfs sensuality at a powerful Tantric ceremony, but whatever you are doing, its strong, its powerful, it's transformational and it's all you ever longed for to share with a partner. I offer you tools for expansion, freedom and authenticity for you and your partner. I see both of you powerful and bright and the love bring to you again flames on. And I am here to guide and to remove the veils that are hiding the magnificence from this world and understanding of both. I am here to provide a sacred and safe space for you to drop all masks and reveal your true love and beauty to you and your partner.