Tantric Coaching

Do you feel a great need to improve your sexuality but are afraid or ashamed to expose yourself?

Tantric Coaching is for those who do not need counseling but would like to address specific issues about sexuality, intimacy, desire and spirituality.

True growth is about the crumbling of lies and the willingness to see through the masks of pretense that hide our true nature. Sexuality is just the beginning to awaken to the new way of pleasure and knowledge.

I don´t know how to control my sexual energy, my desire and decided to try something new, what do I need to do?

To deal with all this insecurity, fear, shyness, old beliefs that label sexuality as unclean, change your thinking, your actions, think positive, see beauty in your sexuality and awaken your dormant pure sexual energy.

Your body needs attention, respect and recognition.

How does Tantric Coaching works?

Tantric Coaching is suitable for singles and couples of any gender identity, sexual preference or age. Sessions are usually 60 minutes long, although longer or shorter sessions are available. Sessions are designed to meet your individual or relationship needs: reconnection, self-exploration, sex exploration and your relationship as a spiritual and transformational pathway, deep desire, deep dive into intimacy, pleasure experience, enhanced communication or healing. personal and relationship.

We are here to helps people all over the world return to their original erotic innocence, power and love.


♀ How to embody your full feminine potential.

♀ Tantric Sexuality – create a personalised tantric practice that suits your needs, understand how to take your sexual experiences to a Tantric level.

♀ Orgasm – opening into your full orgasmic potential.

♀ The sessions will be built according to your needs.

The Session could might be a consultation in Q&A format, or energy practice, or a ritual suitable for your particular process.


♂How to understand your truly nature and become much more aware of the ejaculation.

♂Tantric Sexuality - Create a personalised tantric practice thata suits your needs, understand how to control your sexual energy.

♂Orgasm - Discover the secret of your potential, the true measure of a man from a sexual standpoint.

The Session could might be a consultation in Q&A format, or energy practice, or a ritual suitable for your particular process.

Tantric Coaching Sessions will help you to:

► Learn how to listen to your body’s signals

► Develop intuition, reclaim your wild, primal nature

► Feel confident in your sexuality

► Explore sexual freedom with integrity & heart

► Transform from little girl/boy to woman/men inside

► Bring sacred sexuality into your relationship

► Clear illusions holding you back from the life you want

► Uncover your soul purpose and know the steps to follow it