4 Hands Massage

""Try two full body Massages at the same time."

What is That?

4 Hands Massage, two therapists work on one client using synchronized moves mirroring each others, can be like experiencing two full body massages at the same time.

The therapists choreograph slow, detailed moves of varying paces and pressures. it is highly effective in balancing energy levels throughout the body and you can have much more pleausure, 4 hands massage are especially good for people who have challenges letting go and relaxing during a massage.

Typically, massage therapists who give four-handed massages work together to be able to offer more intensity in their movement, pressure, and pace. As a result, four-handed massages, often cost twice that of regular massages.

Get the best of yourself

Experience deep processes of transformation in your life, become more attuned to your body.
Have a break from every day life, enjoy the deep relaxation and the healing benefit.

What you will get during treatment

Hight quality heated organic oil

Ayurvedic Massage

Full body Massage

Sensitive Massage

Head Massage

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