The act of receiving in Tantra

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Orgasmo e Ejaculação Masculino na Massagem Tântrica
January 24, 2020

The act of receiving in Tantra

The act of receiving in Tantra is a process, and like any process, it has to be dedicated to itself, mental control and surrender, it is the total disconnection of all our defense mechanisms, it is the end of all our questions for receipt of the new one.

For a long time I asked myself how I should expand my awareness, how to seek explanation for questions and answers that I didn’t even have, how to live with beliefs that I never fit in with and how to evolve as a person.

May Gonzalez

For you to understand Tantra, first you need to open your mind to receive Tantra you have to open your heart.

In tantric massage, accepting what is offered is a reward for trying to raise your energy to higher levels, expanding your potential as a human being and searching for understandings that your soul anxiously yearns for. It is to look inside yourself calmly and serenely and pay attention to all the signs that the body gives you, it is to be present and receive the gift, it is to renounce the fruits of action. It means knowing that you are in control, conscious, but doing nothing, it means feeling the whole body connected, knowing how to feel and move all the energy everywhere, a complete mixture of sensations.

The only barriers in our life are the limits of our beliefs, as soon as we go through a concrete experience of a higher potential, we will have the freedom to reach that potential in our daily lives and to transcend these limitations seeking a new level of understanding and change of state common for expanded and heightened awareness of infinite possibilities, changing our perception of reality.

How to react to the fear of trying

Over time, we keep storing memories and traumas in relation to sex and relationships and, many times, we keep those feelings inside us and as a consequence these memories and traumas often become our biggest fear.

Fear is not real. Fear only exists in our thoughts about the future. It is a product of our imagination, which leads us to fear things that do not exist or that we create in the present and that may never exist, this is almost insanity. The danger is real, but fear is a choice.

Will Smith

Our sexuality is the only area of our lives that we leave hidden. Unlike our careers, hobbies and routines, we don’t explore exactly what we want, what we need or how we can improve, even if sex is at the center of our lives.

And there is a simple reason for this: shame.

In conclusion, prioritize this practice a little more in your life. For that, stay on top of your needs; give yourself more; don’t do it in a mechanical and quick way, consciously feel the healing power and relax. In fact, there is a certain natural resistance of our body in resisting the new, however, for a moment in our lives we must consider the cost-benefit that this will bring you. Tatntra is much more than a massage. He is healing by touch, healing by surrender.

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