Tantric Therapy and Genital Reflexology
December 4, 2019
The Yoni Massage in Tantra
December 12, 2019

The Tantric lifestyle path

The Tantric Lifestyle path is not something you will gonna find about it in tantric text, guidelines are presented that may be chosen according to the individual.

As long we confront to the Tantric principles are mean to protect our health and energy, also we are free to follow the tantric path and you are ready to experienced the evolution of human consciousness.

At the moment sexuality is vulnerable for everyone, many are trying to find a way out of something else but can’t, people are sexually frustrated or dissatisfied, sentimentally in constant conflict, don’t know how to relate to each other anymore and don’t feel more satisfied with the work. Control the sexual energy, why?

It´s time to change

It´s time to change for everyone, update and grow. Sexual harmony improves the quality of life. I didn´t have any answers before I learn Tantra about me or my sexuality. In fact Tantra teach you how to grow alone in this modern world, but strongest.

It was hard for me too take this path also, but now I feeling free with my sexuality and my spirituality. I become more optimistic, positive, cheerful, relaxed and happy.

Tantra came to break everything we knows about sexuality and find the right way to go beyond. It´s a path for illumination and new discovers, but, for the first step we need to accept as we are, and develop our own love.

We are connecting back to the ours roots, when the people starts applying tantric principles in their lives, they start to see that everything in the universe is connected to everything, is not something I invented and I will write, It´s a butterfly effect. In the spirituality way, we need to healing us to heal our ancestors or families, in another word, we must find the answers for our problem and Tantra is gonna show you how.

I can guarantee, Tantra is gonna change your life and the way of thinking

I can teach you how to grown with your sexuality and spirituality, but it´s a long way, enjoy the trip.


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