Tantra philosophy explanation

The councious touch in Tantra
December 12, 2019
How the Tantric Massage Works?
December 12, 2019

Tantra philosophy explanation

Tantra is a very ancient Hindu philosophy and offers an alternative path of self-knowledge, transcendence, enhancement, harnessing energy and re-encounter with oneself and has as one of its most important manifestations the cult of Shiva and Shakti, which are respectively the principles of active male energy -Shiva, and female passive / receptive force -Shakti. The masculine and the feminine are the basis for practice.

The Beauty in Tantra

For man, woman is the living manifestation of the deity itself, and as such it must be revered and loved. The reciprocal on the part of the woman, is true, because it develops an equivalent feeling towards the man, revering the principle of the masculine energy in the man. Tantra is centered on the development and awakening of kundalini, the “serpent” of igneous energy, of biological nature and sexual manifestation, situated at the base of the spine and ascending through the chakras until samadhi is attained (concentration, calm, pacification of mind).

One of these ways is to get the union between Shiva and Shakti, also known as Unyo Mystica. In tantra, unlike most spiritualistic philosophies, one sees the body not as an obstacle but as a means to knowledge.

For tantra, the whole human complex is alive and has consciousness independent of the central consciousness. For this reason, it deserves attention, respect and recognition. To do so, it uses mantras (sounds and ultrasound vocalizations), yantras (geometrical figures, from simple to complex ones such as mandalas, for example, representing the various forms of Shakti) and rituals that include forms of meditation. The word Tantra means “to weave to expand and diffuse,” and according to the Tantric masters life takes on meaning and eternal fulfillment only when we follow the patterns designated by nature when we return to the origin, freed from ignorance, desire, attachment, fear and false images of others and of ourselves.

How Tantric Massage Works?

Tantra is the connection with the source of life, experienced by each being in a unique way. Transforms your centers, can transform the centers of the other, can create a rhythm and harmony between you and the reeptor. It is not guided by the head, but a relaxation in the heart.

Tantric massage redistributes the body’s energies, enhances sensitivity and provides more intense experiences, stimulates the body’s sensory channels to awaken bioelectricity and pleasure using meditation techniques, breathing and conscious touch.

  • Tantra relies on your senses.

  • Tantra relies on your energy.

  • Tantra trusts you – totally.

  • Tantra trusts your body.

How the body reacts to Tantra?

The whole body is quietly tried for pheromones, from head to toe, on every bit of skin, the touch is delicate, tender, very soft and frequent, with intention and presence, in such a way that it feels caressed and protected. It is a total and conscious surrender. Tantra teaches reverence, love, respect and gratitude for your body. The Tantric Massage will work so that our mind focuses and begins to observe the sensations that begin to flourish, a connection with the flows is created, allowing your five senses to guide and give your body the best sensations, discovering a new way to experience the pleasure of your energy.


Benefits of Tantra in your life

Surrender is the key word for Tantra. Tantra is the way of surrender.

Tantra improves your sexual health in a natural way, reinforcing the connection between body, mind and spirit, while providing other beneficial results such as:

  • Acceptance and body awareness;

  • Enables multiple orgasms;

  • Relieves anxiety and depression;

  • Heals emotional wounds;

  • Balances the energies of the body;

  • Help in the knowledge of one’s own sexuality;

  • It contributes to a deeper discovery of the five senses;

  • Breaking paradigms and sexual taboos;

  • Teaches you how to breathe better;

Start Your Journey toward to the discoveries of new sensations and self knowledge.

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