How to be the Mastery of your orgasm?

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December 3, 2019

How to be the Mastery of your orgasm?

The art of orgasm

This text is about mastering the art of orgasm in the universe of Tantric Massage, to enjoy much more pleasure over a longer period of time. For many, balancing is only a means of immediate relief, for Tantric practitioners it is becoming an art. In addition, you will learn to have different “types” of orgasm than you are used to, as many as you like, for as long as you like. Feel the energy flowing throughout your body. Now doesn’t that sound like domain? You will find (if you do not know yet) that ejaculation does not always need to accompany orgasm. This is how those who have learned these techniques have various orgasms, spasm after spasm that seem to last forever, but without ejaculation, which for most, is still virtually impossible.

Many Tantrikas (Tantra practitioners) and other Eastern gurus completely give up ejaculation or become celibate. As an upcoming orgasm master, you can choose to ejaculate or not, and you will notice the difference in containing or wasting this powerful energy.

Tantric Practioners

Many practitioners after a few months of prolonged practice will understand why they no longer want to ejaculate, but I have said! The practice of Authentic Tantric Massage is not for everyone. Only for those who loved growing up and going beyond their own sexuality. It’s OK if you’re thinking, “No way, I like to ejaculate.” I will not argue with that desire, if Tantra were not in fashion, I could say that this is madness. As you will be the master, you may choose to do whatever you please. Let me ask you this: “What will you choose if you learn to transform orgasmic energy into an unlimited, timeless, unlimited body-mind-spirit state that feels so much better and reaches far more than a few seconds of energy.” release?”

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