Improve your sexual life and potentialize your presence and connection skills

Our aim focus is to help you reconnect to your inner sel,  help guide your steps and show you deep processes of transformation in your life to become more attuned to your body, for this new growth journey personal. Learning how to building a new reality of relationship in its entirety, free of limiting beliefs, patterns and conditionings.
Exploring even more the your sexual energy, sensory capacity of your body, allowing yourself to the "new".


The Real perspective About Tantra 

Learn about your own sexuality and pleasure, new discoveries, new sensations, and intimate healing. Find out more about who you are.

Therapy and Treatments

Tantric bodywork is a powerful, sensory and spiritual full body massage that develops and expands body sensitivity and increases awareness of sexual responses, libido and pleasure.


Tantra Reiki is a spiritual healing that specifically balances the female and male energies, the 7 chakras, and awakens the Kundalini energy, our greatest life force and consciousness expansion.


Ayurvedic Massage it`s a treatmentand the propose is relieves stress and tension with light pressure, deep relaxation to the muscles and calmness to the mind and nervous system, restores the balance of body.


Tantric Coaching is for those who don’t need counselling but would like to address specific issues around sexuality, intimacy, desire and spirituality in your sexual life or in your relationships.




A workshop for the new sexuality view

Embark on the tantric journey of self discovery in this 2 days-long workshop by exploring the centerpiece of the archetype mature masculine (shiva) and divine feminine (shakti).


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